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I’m not new to matched betting.  I have been making money now for 2 years, I’ve made around £20,000 in that time. When I first started out I was a member of Profit Accumulator, that was until I found a superior service in Oddsmonkey.
We all want to make more money, that is why you are reading this review. Even though I am an experienced matched bettor I still want the best tools and software I can get to make my money making easier, quicker and less time consuming. That is the main reason I switched. The service is first class, it’s just an added bonus that it is also considerably cheaper. More money in my pocket at the end of the day.

If you are on the fence about signing up to Oddsmonkey or another matched betting service then let me stop you right here and tell you to go and sign up to the free trial at Oddsmonkey. It’s completely free and you are under no obligation to sign up fr a premium membership. This trial will teach you how to start making money with matched betting. Click here to get a free trial.

If you are already experienced in this field then the free is most likely pointless as you will have already completed the sign up offers.

If you are completely new to matched betting then let me quickly explain how it works.  Matched betting takes advantage of bookies offering free bets. We back and lay bets to make them risk free and then use the free bets to make money. It’s completely risk free, you can’t lose money doing this. Oddsmonkey teaches you how to do this and provides you with the software and instructions to make it so anyone, even a complete beginner can make easy money.

There’s a video on their website which explains it better than I can.


The headline on Oddsmonkeys website claims you can make £1500 a month and you can, if you put in the time. You can make £500 easily. The more time you put in the more money you will make.

Is this legal?

Yes, matched betting is completely legal. Matched betting is talked about on Martin Lewis’ website and has been discussed in national newspapers.

Is OddsMonkey a get rich quick scheme?

You can make good money in your spare time doing this but I wouldn’t give up your day job just yet. Although there are members on the forum that do this full time.

How much does OddsMonkey cost?

It’s £15 a month or £150 for a year. Trust me once you sign up and start making money you will forget about paying £15 a month. You will make more than £15 a day so it’s a pretty good deal. It’s also the best value for money matched betting site their is in my opinion. The software is the best available and their aren’t many, if any, cheaper sites. It’s worth every penny.

The free membership will show you how to make around £45. After that you need to sign up for a premium account to continue making money every single day.


Tools & Services

Below are just some of the amazing tools you get access to when you join Oddsmonkey as a premium member. Unfortunately the free trial does not give you access to all this goodness.

Tutorials & Training

Oddsmonkey will walk you through matched betting from A to Z. They will literally teach you all you need to know. There are video guides as well as extensively well written guides on every subject imaginable.

They cover the most simple beginner offers to the more complex advanced offers.

Every offer they post comes with instructions on how to profit from it. Even the most simple sign up offers can be lucrative so they are well worth your time.

The free trial guides will teach you how to make £45 from there you need to upgrade to keep earning. At this point you will want to upgrade!


The original matched betting tool. This was originally what made Profit Accumulator so popular. As many people are now aware though, it was actually the Oddsmonkey team who developed this nifty little piece of kit.

The oddsmatcher is an essential tool to making your matched betting life that bit easier and quicker. It will allow you to very quickly find good matches and get on them so you can move onto the next bet.

Since Oddsmonkey have started their own dedicated matched betting service other services have decided to make their own oddsmatchers with mixed results. This is by far the best one available.

Matched Betting Calculator

This is something you will use for every single bet. It tells you exactly what to back and lay for every bet and it tells us how much money we make at the end.

It’s really simple to use. Using this and the oddsmatcher will see you making £1000 in no time and that is before you even touch the other tools on offer.

Horse Racing Matcher

Horses are a big money making for matched bettors. Problem is the odds move fast. Getting a good match can be tricky or at least it used to be before this software was launched.

You can filter out the races you are concentrating on and identify great matches at the push of a button. No longer will you have to stare at Betfair waiting for odds to change.

Horses are worth big money, especially on a Saturday. This matcher will make you a small fortune.

Each Way Matcher

Each way bets can lead to huge payouts. Sometime the bookies will offer an extra place on a race so an each way bet wins if your horse comes fifth. Using the each way matcher allows us to get on a lot of horses in the same race and maximise our chances of hitting that extra place. If you do hit the extra place you win at the bookie and at the exchange leading to big pay days.

This piece of software is worth the cost of the subscription alone. I have hit £500 payouts using this on big races.

Without this tool it can be difficult to cover many horses in the same race meaning your chances of a payout are slim. This is a game changer in matched betting.

Make sure you read all the guides on the each way matcher though as it is an advanced tool and you could end up losing money unless you know what you are doing. The guides make it easy to understand so take the time to read them.

Acca Matcher

Making a profit on every acca you place is now a reality with the acca matcher. Sounds like it can’t be true but it is. You can literally place your accas and have a guaranteed profit no matter what happens with the accas results.

There are multiple acca tools in Oddsmonkey. There is even a no lay acca meaning you don’t even have to spend the time laying them off. You will still make a profit.

You can choose to lock in a small profit from the start or let the acca run for a potentially bigger payout. There are many ways to tackle them and many ways to make money.

A lot of people avoid accas as they see them as time consuming and complicated. This was completely true until this software was launched. Now they are a doddle.

Dutching Searcher

Dutching is a different type of matched betting. Here we bet on all outcomes across a range of bookies and make a profit no matter what happens. This wouldn’t be possible without the dutching tool. So take a football match with Liverpool vs Arsenal as an example. We bet on Liverpool to win with Ladbrokes, Arsenal to win at Paddy Power and bet on the draw at Coral. No matter the result we end up in profit.

The dutcher finds odds that work in our favour and then tells us exactly what to back for each bet. That’s it. We’ve just made a profit!

A you can see some of these tools mean you don’t even need to be matched betting and looking for free bets. You can use these tools on gubbed accounts and still make money every day.

Casino & Bingo Offers

Oddsmonkey will regularly tell you about risk free casino offers. They usually consist of doing so many spins and if you aren’t in profit you get your money back. usually these are worth nothing but totally worth doing as you could hit a big payout. Over time the odds on you hitting a big payout will go up. So do all the risk free casino offers. I once dropped £400 on a slot machine on a risk free offer.

There are also none risk free offers which are considered good value. You could lose money but over the course of many offers you will end up being up. I tend to avoid these though as I don’t like losing but really I should be doing them. They are worth considering. Read up on EV before you get started.


Professional software – absolutely first class software.

Great support – staff are always available if you get stuck.

All the premium tools included in the price

It’s cheaper than it’s competitors.


There aren’t many really. If I was pushed I would say the forum can be a bit quiet and the free trial should have access to the premium tools so people can really see how good it is.

Review Summary

I can’t recommend this service enough. Matched betting has changed my life. It’s given me the ability to earn extra money around my full time job. The extra money I make is enough to pay my mortgage every month leaving me so much extra free cash to save up or spend on my family. You can do this without Oddsmonkey but without Oddsmonkey you will be trawling the internet looking for offers and instructions on how to do them. You also wont have the tools available to make it easier. The more time you have to do this the more money you will make. I wouldn’t be able to average £1000 a month without my Oddsmonkey membership.

£1000 per month is what I average, depending on your time and effort commitment you may earn less than this or much more than this.

At the very least try the free membership, if you don’t think it’s for you, you have lost nothing.

If you have any questions of queries about Oddsmonkey or matched betting in general please feel free to send me a message. Use the contact page of this website or leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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