How Much Money Can I Make Matched Betting?

How much money can I make is one of the most common questions asked about matched betting. The answer is different for everyone depending on what you can invest in both time and money. When you first start out your earnings are going to come slowly if you don’t have a bit of money to invest in your betting bank. At this point you must be patient and wait for your bank to build (which it will, rapidly). If you have more money to invest you can earn more quicker. When I say invest, I just mean money to tie up in bets. Your money is 100% safe and never at risk.

Initial Investment

So what do you need to invest the beginning? Like with most investments, the more you can invest the more you can make. In my opinion though the minimum you need is between £60 and £100. That will allow you to complete a couple of sign up bets and get you your first earnings.

This money will be tied up in your bookmaker bet of around £20 and your exchange bet. Once the bets settle you will have all your money back and then you will have your first free bet and be able to make your first profit. At this point you will be completely hooked and no longer worried about the possibility of losing money or anything else.

You should be able to make around £45 profit from your first 2 sign up offers when following the matched betting guide at Oddsmonkey.


You will only need to spend 10 minutes or so to place your bets and then just wait until the bets settle. At that point you can start repeating the process with other betting sites.

Every time you complete a sign up offer you will grow your betting bank (your initial investment) and have more money to invest in further bets. This snowball effect will keep building until eventually you are making between£ 500 and £2000 per month.

Soon you’ll have earned enough profit to be doing multiple sign-ups at once, and by the end of your first month you should easily have £500 in profit.

If you start with £100 you will be roughly on £8000-£10,000 a year from now, of clear profit. That is taking into account of investing 1 hour a day. The more time you invest the more profit you will make. It is that simple.

But what if you already have more than £100 to start with? 

I would still urge you to go slow and learn the ropes with a small amount of money. Although like I explained your money is safe you can end up losing some if you make mistakes and the more bets you have on at one time the more likely a mistake. If you are totally new to matched betting then take it slowly until you get used to the process and have the ability to manage many bets at once.

I started slow but after a couple of weeks I was flying. I made around £400 in my first month. The month after that I made over £1000.


Previous Betting History

Another thing that might slow you down is if you already have opened a few online bookie accounts. That means you probably aren’t eligible for the sign up offer. However this isn’t a major problem it will just slow you down at the start. You can still use those accounts to make money.

Can I do matched betting if I’m signed up to all of the online bookies already?

Yes! First of all there is no chance you are signed up to them all. There are dozens of them (I must have around 70 bookie accounts) , a lot you won’t have even heard of. However it doesn’t really matter. The sign up offers are a good way to learn matched betting and make your first £1000 roughly but once they are complete the money continues to roll in from reload offers.

Also having a betting history can be beneficial to your long term matched betting career as your account will look more natural and less like you are just after the bonuses. Although bookies tell you they don’t have a problem with this they will eventually stop giving you bonuses if they think you aren’t a ‘mug punter’ because they know long term they can’t make money from you. We want to keep our accounts healthy so we can continue to make money for years to come.

How much time do you have to put into matched betting?

Not a lot. As much as you want really. An hour a day will make you £500 a month easily. If you want to make £2000 a month you are going to have to invest a lot more time but it is possible. The forums on Oddsmonkey are full of people making huge sums every month. The forum is a great place of help, advice and motivation.

Many people are even making this into a full time job. It’s all tax free as well as it’s classed as gambling earnings. £2000 a month is more than most people make from a full time job in the UK so you can see the appeal.

Now it is possible to do this without a service like Oddsmonkey but it’s going to take you a lot more time. You have to scour the internet looking for the offers. It seriously isnt worth it. Time is money in this game. £15 a month is going to seem like small change when that investment is making you a grand a month. I do this around my full time job so it has literally changed my life. Imagine what you could do with an extra £1000 every month. It’s amazing.

In Conclusion: How Much You Can Make from Matched Betting

In conclusion you can make a great deal of money once you get going. Take your time and learn the ropes, it’s easy to get carried away and want to make more and more but the offers aren’t going anywhere. Be patient and before you know it this could be a full time job for you. If you are a stay at home mum/dad this could be the solution you have been looking for to make some easy money while you are at home. It is a great fit for anyone. All you need is an internet connection and £60 to get going.

Before you know it you will have been doing this for a year and be sat on a rather nice profit of £10,000 or more. This is life changing.

Any questions then just leave a comment or send me a message and I will do my best to help you. The best help is available from the experts at Oddsmonkey, sign up for a free trial today and make your first £45 profit. Read our full Oddsmonkey review.

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